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Who Is This For?
Committed couples:
  • ​Do you doubt you're with the right person, even though you know you love them?
  • ​Do you feel hurt, angry and confused and long for healing, happiness and clarity?
  • ​Do you keep trying to make things better but feel hopeless?

Are you
  • ​Struggling with detachment and looking for closeness?
  • In a relationship and ​reaching for connection?
  • ​Feeling like giving up and searching for hope?
Who Am I?
I'm Julia Wesley
Relationship Expert, PACT Therapist, LMFT-S
I’m passionate about couples therapy. Let me tell you why. 

I grew up in a family with a lot of conflict. What I didn’t know then was that my mom was an alcoholic and this caused my mom and dad to fight daily. 

I remember thinking all marriages must be like this. My mom achieved sobriety and started working on recovery when I was about 16. A few years later, my brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died at 19 years old. I was 21. 

I became a therapist to help people overcome addictions. But the more I learned, the more I realized how uncommon my parents' marriage was.  

From what I was learning, the alcoholism should have split them up. Then, their marriage shouldn’t have survived my mom reaching recovery. And everyone knows marriages fall apart when a child dies. 

I wanted to know what was so special about my parents’ relationship. How could they remain married and be happier than they'd ever been? What were they doing that so many other people were not?

I asked my parents, but they didn’t have any insights for me. I talked to friend about it and they were as baffled as I was. 

I began studying couples. I went to every training I could find, studied lots of books and worked with many, many couples. I began to see the patterns in what people did and didn’t do that helped them have better relationships. 

This led me to an innovative modality called PACT therapy that focuses on how real couple form a strong, lasting bond by using neuroscience, attachment theory and emotion regulation. I have interrogated PACT training into my work, learning the most helpful techniques to aid my clients in creating the relationships and marriages they envision. 

Now, I know how my parents did it and how I can help you do it too. 

Couples struggle with all kinds of things in their relationship. I have tools I can teach you that will make your relationship more fulfilling and satisfying. 

I’ll help you find the answers to what is getting in your way and help you get the life you want. There’s always hope. 

I’ll Help You Find The Answers
I started working in marriage therapy because I am devoted to helping couples create their best relationships. 

Problems in our relationships can be difficult and overwhelming. There are questions like:
  • Can we really change and be happy?
  • ​Can we make this work and find the security we crave?
  • ​Will it really get better and will we make it for the long run?
No matter where you’re at in your journey, I believe that there is always hope – regardless of what life has thrown at you or what you’ve tried before. 

I will help you find the answers to what is getting in the way and I will show you how to get the life you want.

You deserve better than just getting by, you deserve to thrive.

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What People Are Saying
“Julia is very relatable and competent! My husband and I both have high opinions of her and appreciate her approach. She is a great listener and offers applicable suggestions. She has a warm demeanor and does not take sides durin g conflicts. She gets to know her clients well and is able to challenge you. Julia understands the dynamics between couples.”

-Female, age 25
“We really learned a lot! We have more ability to work through problems now, and we get along better. I wish we had done this sooner.”

-Male,  age 42
“I didn’t even want to come to a couples therapist. But we really learned a lot! We have more ability to work through problems now, and we get along better. I wish we had done this sooner.”

-Female, age 33
“I’m so glad we came to marriage counseling with Julia. She’s helped us so much, more than I expected. We are able to understand each other better now and where we need to go from here. This has been a great experience. ”

-Male, age 48
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